Pre Clinical Services
Pre Clinical Services

we are trusted Pre-Clinical Contract Research Organization supports Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies by providing quality and cost effective Pre-Clinical Services and Drug testing Laboratory Services


Facility approved by Committee for the purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India to conduct experiment / research and breeding of laboratory animals.

Facility is also approved for carrying out tests on drugs/cosmetics/raw materials used in manufacture thereof on behalf of licensees for the manufacture for sale of drugs from the State Drug Controller, Karnataka and Central Drugs Standards Control Organization, Government of INDIA.

Facility also has CPCSEA approved Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) comprising of CPCSEA Main Nominee, Link Nominee, 2 External Biological Scientists, 2 Internal Biological Scientists, Veterinarian and a Non-scientific socially aware members.

The organization also consists of Institutional Bio-Safety Committee (IBSC) comprising of a DBT (Department of Biotechnology, Government of India) nominated IBSC Nominee, 3 Internal Biological Scientists, 2 External Biological Scientists and a Medical Safety Officer to review and approve the projects involving biotechnologically derived products.


The clients / sponsors may send the blood, serum / plasma, urine or tissue samples from the trials conducted at their laboratory for analysis and reporting.

  • Toxicology Studies
  • Efficacy Studies
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Animal studies and Bio assays
  • DMPK
  • Drug Testing Laboratory Services

The following ranges of laboratory analytical services are available:

  • Haematology Parameters Analysis
  • Clinical Chemistry Parameters Analysis
  • Histopathology Services: Tissue Processing, Slide Preparation, Staining
  • Histopathology Consultation: Histopathology Slide Evaluation, Peer Review of Histopathology Slides and Report Preparation
  • Quality Serum and Plasma Services


  • Dose range finding studies
  • Maximum tolerable dose determination studies
  • Acute toxicity studies
  • 7-day toxicity study
  • Biopharmaceuticals products manufacturers
  • Repeated dose toxicity studies-14-day, 28- day and 90-day
  • Chronic toxicity studies
  • Allergic sensitization
  • Reproductive toxicity studies
  • Anti-diabetic study
  • Anti-obesity study


  • Pharmacokinetics trials
  • Immunization trials
  • Abnormal toxicity study
  • Bio-identity study
  • Hormonal Bioassays
  • Customized / Stand alone studies
  • Screening studies
  • Supplementary toxicity studies
  • Research and Development studies
  • Supply of quality serum, plasma from various laboratory animals
  • Ecotoxicity studies


  • Rats-Wistar and Sprague-Dawley
  • Mice-Swiss albino, Balb/c and C57
  • Rabbits-Newzealand White
  • Guinea pigs-Dunkin Hartley
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