Bioanalytical Research

Bioanalytical Research

Our scientists are knowledgeable about small molecules, metabolites, peptides, hormones, steroids, and other endogenous molecules, they are capable to develop the method irrespective of biological matrix (urine, plasma, Blood etc.), 200 plus methods were developed and validated. Addition to that we have expert team to handle the elemental analysis by using ICPMS instrument. 50plus elements can analyze in single stretch using ICPMS.  

Our highly qualified team of scientists are experts in handling and application of LC-MS/MS technology, allowing us to develop methods in a timely manner. We validate over 150 molecules analytical methods in accordance with global regulatory requirements and customer requirements.


We have all SOPs and systems in place to support BA / BE & Clinical trials for DCGI, MHRA, EMA and TGA. The team has extensive knowledge of the most recent regulations in the guidelines and inspections.

Our assistance includes the following:

The bioanalytical laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge tools and automated technologies to conduct a wide variety of studies on biological materials. Our SOPs are in accordance with Good Laboratory Practises and are constantly monitored and modified to meet the demands of international regulatory authorities and the pharmaceutical industry.

Our highly experienced team of scientists has extensive understanding of apparatus and the use of LC-MS/MS technology, allowing us to create methods in a fast manner. We validate our analytical procedures in accordance with worldwide regulatory regulations and client expectations. We provide proven techniques for pharmaceuticals in all main therapeutic areas that are ready to use in a short period of time to analyse drugs and metabolites in biological fluids.



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