In house R & D Centre approved by DSIR, Govt. of India

ICBio R & D Centre for Innovation and Development, Bangalore was established in 2013.

ICBio scientists here focus on process, Research and Development,

Technology transfer and sourcing projects (contract Research) in the areas of life sciences leading to innovative solutions for our customers in the area of Health care.

The centre extends with global organizations to support ICBio businesses and plays a key role in the Health care division.

Brand and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We focus on rolling out more innovations faster and to more markets.

ICBio-R&D is the home of breakthrough technology for bigger, better, faster innovations. Success for us means creating products that keep pace with changes in consumer lifestyles and that appeal to people at all income levels.

Our R&D teams work on cutting-edge science with a consumer focus that we can quickly convert into commercially viable applications.

R&D is also the place where we invent what the consumer needs and even where we invent , what he is dreaming of.”

  • Our priorities are to be inventive, develop great quality products, and obtain scientific proof that all our products deliver on their claims. Our innovations are also supported by clinical trials to ensure safety for consumers and compliance with international regulations.
  • “R&D improves the quality and functionality of our products. It streamlines our manufacturing and distribution networks. It drives cost savings. In fact, across many areas of the business, it is absolutely critical.”

Our focus on

Process R & D

Designing and validating new routes, new processes for synthesis that are safe, environmentally friendly, and economic.

The improvement in the existing routes are the primary functions of ICBIO R & D Centre.

Technology Transfer

The centre plays a key role in technology transfer to various manufacturing locations and collaborates in problem solving that result in a win-win relationship with our suppliers and customers.

Out Sourcing

ICBIO R & D Centre supports sourcing projects of ICBio clinical Research Pvt. Ltd, Using the state of the art equipment, raw materials are tested against specifications and via use tests.

Analytical Functions ( proposed)

With the advent of modern HPLC, GC, LC-MS and GC-MS instruments, the centre caters to the stringent analysis and quality related demands of synthetic chemistry, sourcing and regulatory requirements.

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